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  Facial Tissue and Paper Napkin 單包機(餐巾紙)
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NR-628 Automatic Wrapping Machine
for Facial Tissue and Paper Napkin
Pocket Facial Tissue Folding Machine (Mechanical Type)
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The NR-628 is a high speed wrapper (80 packs/minute) for folded napkins and handtowels. It is very accessible for the operator and is designed to attain top product quality with a high level of reliability.

The optimization of mechanical parts and the use of brushless motors increases the reliability of the machine and eliminates the need for machine maintenance while reducing changeover time to a minimum.
■Single film transport group: no mechanical adjustments are required for different configurations.
■Touch screen design for convenient operation fast settiting for change the product formats.
■All functions are clearly identified on touch screen, such parameters and self-dingnostic & open ation.
■Film unwinding and cut group with electronic control for increased pack quality and reduced change-over time.
■New profile mobile folders keep the pack in position during the rear and side sealing phase and improve pack quality.
■High quality mechanical parts for main machine movements, lite long lubricated cams, high precision parts, no vibrations, no maintenance required.
■Special design of knife for cutting film keeps low noisy and long service.
Specification :
Design speed
70 packs/min
Operate Speed
40 – 60 Packs/min
Packing material
CPP (30 um above)
5 HP Reduce motor * 1 set, 1 KW Servo motor * 2 set
Film control
By servo control
Sealing type
By heater
1000 W
Electric equipment
Components use of international standard, Servo control,
Human machine interface control
Feeding machine
1 unit
(L) 2000 mm * (W) 200 mm * 5 set (Include control section)
Machine size
(L) 4047 mm * (W) 3770 mm * (H) 2220 mm
4000 kg/4500 kg
We reserve the right to make specification change without prior notice. 
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